Top 10 EV Startups in 2022

Bollinger Motors: Bollinger is just one of many EV startups looking to make the auto industry greener.

Atlis: Atlis meets the challenge of greener, more sustainable cars. State-of-the-art battery technology allows you to charge your car in 15 minutes.

Canoo: Another EV company making headlines is Canoo. By 2023, electric minivans will become popular.

Fisker: Fisker's latest electric vehicle model debuted at the 2021 LA Auto Show and caused a lot of buzz.

Arrival: Arrival's specialty is green city vehicles such as buses and trucks, not sedans.

Vinfast: Vinfast is Vietnam's first 'real' car company and is now dedicated to bringing electric vehicles to the country's roads.

Rivian: Rivian knows the car market and their cars speak for themselves. Rivian has an incredible range of 314 miles per battery pack.

Xpeng Motors: The Xpeng EV is only available in China, but don't be surprised if it goes worldwide in the next year or two.

Rimac Automobili: Many of the EV startups on this list own multiple EV models. But Rimac boasts only one thing design like a sports car

Aptera: When it comes to versatile design, Aptera cars are no exception. This tricycle is the world's first solar-powered electric vehicle.