How to Make Our Homes More Sustainable in 2023

Increased installation of solar panels on roofs and use of smart meters that allow “better awareness of power peaks and troughs”

Even simple steps like using machines at night can help reduce peak demand on the national grid.

A business is developing a cement-based alternative to concrete. 

There is also Swedish manufacturer H2 Green Steel and his SSAB, which are developing hydrogen-based green steel solutions.

Still, it has a lot to do with existing buildings. Dr. Aidan Bell, co-founder of his UK-based EnviroBuild,

Believes this is a "critical" step to start with ensuring homes are well insulated

"Roof and wall insulation is [especially] very cheap," Bell told his TNW.

There are also additional technologies for those already learning the basics, he adds

And tells us about Airex, a type of smart airbrick that reduces heat loss.