Did You Know Cooler Master Has a Giant Immersive Gaming Pod

The newly announced semi-closed creation and PlayStation (via Gizmodo), will stir your thoughts.

Orb X doesn't completely isolate you from the outside world

Your family and roommates will undoubtedly accuse you of being anti-social if you are put in an ABS plastic shell.

The built-in recliner is genuine leather, and it has a fully adjustable headrest, lumbar support and leg support.

Once seated, the motorized dome on top of Orb X lowers the screen to eye level.

Speaking of screens, the pod can be configured with a single 34” monitor or up to three 27” displays.

The Orb X also has a built-in surround sound system,

Which Cooler Master says lets you enjoy a realistic soundstage without the need for fancy headphones.